Painting was my first passion. I began oil painting at a young age, I was mezmerized by the way the paints blended and the richness of the colors. At first I was painting just out of my head, and then I found the different painting shows on public television. These programs had a profound effect on the way I looked at art and the discipline of painting. this was this first time that I found the best way to learn any discipline and especially art is to just create, and keep on creating. I am a firm believer that practice makes perfect, and the best way to learn is to make lots, and lots of mistakes. I usualy paint in am impressionist style with an emphiasis on saturated colors. I also love primitive art and have made several painting on the theme with a process I developed to give a more rocklike paintable surface while still maintaining light weight.

While most of my oils painting are of traditional landscapes I enjoy exploring other painting mediums and other styles. From Watercolors to digital painting and everything in between. 

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